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PayPal is an online payment method that can be used in almost every country in the world. Your credit card payment can be executed through PayPal, in which case payment is received instantly. It is also possible to link your bank account to your PayPal account. It is not necessary to open a PayPal account to pay by credit card; it's possible to execute a single payment with PayPal.

Credit Card

MasterCard It is also possible to pay directly with your VISA, American Express or MasterCard credit card via the secure web payments environment of Adyen.

Tip: Banks and Card-issuers are very strict and you must 100% accurately use the exact name on the card (including title), and please double check the expiration date (month and year) and CVV2 number. Obviously the card number itself is also crucial.

Do you experience any payment problems, sometimes with unclear or no fault messages. Apply these tips or ask us for help. Sometimes customers experience problems because their card is not activated or blocked. In which case it is usefull to contact your bank/card-issuer for assistance. unfortunately cannot accept 'cash on delivery' payment or cheques. This because of the costs involved with these payment methods.

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Peggy Harris rated us:
LG Extravert 2 battery (850 mAh)
Great service! Battery ordered received quickly. My second time ordering from Battery/, and am confident will use again.
About the product:
Excellent replacement battery for my Extravert cell phone and the price was more than reasonable.
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  • Free shipping
  • 14-Day Money-Back guarantee
  • Over 850.000 customers

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